Used Milling Machines For Sale

From time to time I have used Swiss machines for sale and keep a list of customers looking for specific items. Consequently, many machines are never listed here. If you are looking for a particular machine please send an email with the name of the machine you are seeking in the subject line and I will add you to the list.

We have a number of reliable contacts in Switzerland and can often source both new and used machines and accessories.


Hauser type 33 milling machine. Complete with selection of spindle tooling including 6mm and 1/4″ W9 collets and adapter to take B8 horological collets.

£850 SOLD Commission sale

Aciera F1 1983 machine with plain table, universal bracket, tilting vice and indexing head.

£4000 SOLD

Aciera Milling Machines sometimes available. We now see good examples of these machine rather infrequently. To be added to our list of customers seeking machine please email with the make and model in the subject line.

Typical Prices: £1500 – £6000

Hauser H1 / M1 Jig Boring Machines. We have very occasionally had these superb machines. If you are looking for one please contact me and I will attempt to source a machine.

Typical Prices: £3000 – £10000