GEPY Centres & Spindles

Gepy Centres

Gepy centre -backgroundGepy have been producing what are arguably the worlds finest revolving centres in Geneva, Switzerland, since 1946. Unique to the design of these live centers are roller bearings that form an integral part of the centre itself. The taper and needle roller bearings bear directly on the completely hardened and ground shaft allowing a larger diameter shaft to be employed without compromising compactness. This produces a centre with little overhang and thus great rigidity. GEPY centres are self adjusting and sealed from the ingress of foreign matter. The maximum eccentricity of the centre is guaranteed to be not greater than 0.002mm due to the careful selection of the rollers and also the special grinding process which ensures the perfect accuracy of the spindle taper. Gepy centers do not carry model identification marks the only mark being “OEL” indicating the screw where lubrication should be applied – should you require help identifying a Gepy centre please email a photograph.

GEPY centres are available in a variety of types including:

• Type P (as illustrated above) with standard 60 degree point
• Type COP with reduced diameter point (largely intended for copier work)
• Type C with female (inverted) point
• Type K with large diameter inter-changeable points (for supporting tubular work)
• Revolving centres with interchangeable points
• Special design to customer’s specification

GEPY centres are available with the following taper shanks:

• Morse tapers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
• Schaublin 70 2 degree
• Schaublin 102 2 degree
• Mikron and other tapers

  • Click here to download the Gepy centres pdf.

GEPY Spindles

B8 SpindleIn addition to their famous revolving centres GEPY also produce a number of different styles of high precision spindles for milling, drilling and grinding operations. These exquisitely made spindles are highly complementary to Schaublin and Aciera machines and in some instances were supplied by the manufacturers as original equipment. The B8 spindle (right) was supplied as Schaublin part number 70-89.150 (see archive) and has a maximum speed of 15000 rpm. It accepts B8 (8mm horological) collets.

GEPY spindles are supplied in the following diameters and collet types:B8 drawing

• 25mm B8 and F8 15,000 rpm
• 11mm F4.5 60,000 rpm
• 14mm F4.5 60,000 rpm
• 20mm F7 and ESX 12 40,000 rpm
• 25mm F9 40,000 rpm
• 35mm F16 and ESX 20 10,000 rpm
• 35mm W12 also available with Schaublin 70 threaded spindle nose 10,000 rpm

  • Click here to download the Gepy spindles pdf.