Tripan tool posts

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Tripan logoThese tool-posts are available in a wide range of sizes to suit lathes from watchmaker’s (8-14mm centre line above carriage) to medium sized screw-cutting machines (40-63mm centre line above carriage). Extensively fitted to Schaublin, Mikron, Habegger, Simonet, Meyer and Burger and other high quality lathes (including watchmakers lathes such as Bergeon). All elements of the Tripan system are made from hardened and ground CrMn steel and offer a repeatability of +/-0.01mm. The triangular shape of the tool-post affords excellent visibility and superior tailstock clearance. A number of different types of tool-holder are available including standard type for square section tools, boring, parting (employing Supercoup blades) and special cylindrical holders taking a range of sleeves having Morse tapers or accepting B8 or W20 collets. For screw-cutting lathes Tripan also offer a retractable tool-holder which greatly increases the convenience and speed of screw-cutting operations.

Some older Tripan tool-posts and holders are marked “SMID” and for a time were made in France. Tripan are now made in Switzerland.