Mikron WF Milling Machines

Seldom seen in the UK the WF2 and WF3 milling machines were made by Mikron in the 1970s and 80s. These superb universal milling machines feature sliding quill vertical head, 12 spindle speeds through gearbox and two speed motor and powered feeds with rapids to all three axes provided through independently driven gearbox. The WF2 had travels of X-420 x Y-250 x Z-340mm, a plain-table clamping surface of 250 x 700 mm and had a footprint of 1400 x 1400 mm with a weight of 700kg. The much larger WF3 featured travels of X-500 x Y-500 x Z-385, a plain-table clamping surface of 350 x 800 mm, a footprint of 1480 x 1890 mm and weighed-in at around twice the weight of the WF2. A wide range of accessories was available such as tilting tables, dividing head, rotary table etc. These machines were discontinued in the late 1980s.